Florence launches Agency Manager

Agency Manager on Florence

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Agency Manager, a pioneering tool that helps healthcare providers manage all their agency shifts in one place.

Why Agency Manager?

We built Agency Manager to take the pain out of filling shifts with multiple agencies.

Care providers currently spend nearly two full days (45 hours) a month filling on average 27 shifts using agencies, while contacting at least two agencies at a time per shift, according to our recent customer survey*.

Providers also told us about the other problems that crop up working with lots of different agencies: comparing prices, following different invoicing schedules and hiring compliant staff.

How it works

Agency Manager addresses these issues by matching qualified candidates to open shifts instantly, removing the need to reach out manually at all.

Our compliance team verifies agency credentials to make sure only qualified and legally compliant candidates can be hired.

A ‘favourites’ button means providers can invite the same staff from different agencies back again, increasing continuity of care for service users.

Managing bookings through a single portal allows for straightforward price comparisons and budget management, even for last-minute needs. All aspects of timesheets and invoicing are managed in one place, freeing providers from the hassle of dealing with multiple invoices.

Dan Blake, COO and Co-founder of Florence, shares: “Our Agency Manager platform has been meticulously designed with input from key customers, ensuring it truly delivers on filling shifts with the right people fast. We’re eager to support care providers and panel agencies, enhancing the overall care experience. Our journey with Florence is defined by our growth alongside our customers: initially, care providers needed help with shift filling, and we answered that call. Now, their needs have evolved, and with our award-winning technology we’re ready to meet these new demands.”

Providers using Agency Manager can also opt to fill shifts with their own staff first, before even turning to agencies. This helps you save on agency spend further (up to 20%!).

Find out more about Agency Manager here.

*Survey of 37 UK care home managers conducted March 2024

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