What are the benefits of a preferred supplier list for your care group?

You know the old saying, “Too many cooks spoil the broth”? Well, if you’ve ever juggled multiple vendors, you’ve probably felt the truth of that in your care group.

Managing a wide array of suppliers, particularly for groups with multiple homes, can often feel overwhelming. Each offers different standards of quality, cost, and reliability.

This is where a Preferred Supplier List (PSL), also known as an ‘Approved Supplier List’ can make a vast difference. Think of a PSL as your carefully chosen team of vendors, each vetted and trusted, simplifying your procurement process. With a PSL, you can ensure that your care group gets the consistent quality and value it needs without the headache of constant vetting.

It’s about ensuring that each “cook” in your vendor kitchen is perfectly aligned with your needs, enhancing the quality of care provided.

Defining preferred supplier list and its importance

So, what exactly is a PSL, or approved supplier list? Simply put, it’s a list of pre-approved suppliers that your organisation agrees meet its standards for quality and reliability. But it’s more than just a list; it’s a strategic tool that can:

– Ensure consistency in the products and services you receive, which is crucial for maintaining the standard of care your residents depend on.

– Drive cost savings, as negotiated contracts usually come with better rates due to the promise of repeat business.

– Reduce risk by working with suppliers who have already been vetted and proven themselves reliable and trustworthy.

– Simplify vendor management, turning what used to be a logistical nightmare into a smooth process.

Choosing the right suppliers is also about forming partnerships that align with your values and enhance the lives of those in your care. Consider, for example, a supplier of medical supplies that delivers on time but also provides training for your staff on how to use the new products. Adding this kind of supplier to your PSL is a great way to ensure you can consistently continue to get great value from them for your teams.

Steps to create a preferred supplier list

Are you ready to create your PSL? Great, here’s how you can get started:

– Assess needs: Start by determining which products and services are essential for your care group’s everyday operations. Identify what qualities in suppliers are most important to your group, such as their reliability, cost-effectiveness, or the quality of their services. This helps ensure that your chosen suppliers can consistently meet your needs and expectations.

– Evaluate suppliers: You should also ask for opinions from your team members who have interacted with these suppliers to understand their experiences. Additionally, it’s important to verify that the suppliers follow all relevant industry regulations and standards to ensure they are reliable and legal to work with. This thorough check helps in making informed decisions when selecting vendors for your Preferred Supplier List.

– Stakeholder engagement: Actively involve representatives from different areas of your organisation in the process of creating your Preferred Supplier List (PSL). By gathering insights from departments like dietary, medical, and administrative, you ensure that the PSL addresses the varied and specific needs of each part of your care group, from food services to medical equipment and beyond. This comprehensive approach helps tailor the PSL to serve the entire organisation effectively.

– Negotiate terms: Discuss and agree on contract terms with your chosen suppliers that benefit both your care group and the suppliers. These terms should allow for some flexibility to accommodate changes and should offer financial advantages such as discounts or favourable payment terms. The goal is to create mutually beneficial agreements, ensuring a cooperative relationship that supports both parties’ needs and goals.

Leveraging a neutral vendor 

When managing contracts from many suppliers feels too complex, using a neutral vendor like Florence can really help. A neutral vendor serves as an independent mediator who organises competitive bids from various suppliers and ensures they meet the standards of your PSL. This role helps simplify the process, making it more efficient and reducing the likelihood of mistakes being made.

What does a neutral vendor like Florence do for you?

– Saves time and effort: They handle all the talks with suppliers. This means you don’t have to spend so much time sorting out contracts and can focus on looking after your residents.

– Saves money: Neutral vendors encourage suppliers to compete with each other to offer you the best prices. This competition means you get good deals, which helps keep costs down.

– Keeps quality high: They’ll check that suppliers meet the high standards you expect. This means you always get good quality from them.

– It makes things less complicated: By handling supplier contracts, neutral vendors take a big job off your plate. This means fewer mistakes and less hassle for you and your team.

– Fair and open: They treat all suppliers the same way, ensuring everyone has a fair chance. This helps in maintaining good relationships with suppliers.

– Fits your needs: Neutral vendors, such as Florence, adjust to your business needs. This could mean changing what you look for in suppliers or how you work with them.

Using a neutral vendor helps you manage suppliers without stress, keeps costs down, and ensures the quality of goods and services is high. This lets you focus more on caring for the people in your homes.

Managing and reviewing the PSL

To ensure your PSL remains effective, it’s important to manage and review it regularly. It’s not just about setting it up once; you need to check it every year to make sure it still meets your needs and standards. For instance, a care group might need to update their PSL to keep up with new care guidelines, improving the quality of their services. This ongoing review helps you adapt to changes and ensure your suppliers are still the right fit for your organisation.

Final thoughts 

Creating a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) is a smart move for your care group. It’s not just about making things run smoother – it’s about building strong, reliable relationships with suppliers who continue to meet your high standards – making sure you can focus on your residents and their care.

Speak to the Florence team today to hear how we can help you with your staffing needs.

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