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3 metrics that matter most to care home group CEOs

3 Metrics that Matter Most to Care Home Group CEOs

Unlock the key to exceptional care with our essential guide: “3 Metrics that Matter Most to Care Home Group CEOs.” Written by Dr. Charles Armitage, a doctor turned CEO of Florence, this insightful document is tailored specifically for care home group leaders like you. As a CEO, your mission is to ensure top-notch care for your residents, but knowing where to direct your focus can be challenging. This guide dives into three crucial metrics—revenue, staff retention, and agency usage—that are vital for maintaining and elevating care standards.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

  • Revenue: Learn how to optimise your financial performance without compromising on care quality.
  • Staff Retention: Discover strategies to keep your team motivated and reduce turnover, ensuring consistent, high-quality care.
  • Agency Usage: Find out how to effectively manage and reduce reliance on agency staff, fostering a more stable and committed workforce.

By mastering these areas, you’ll not only boost resident satisfaction but also drive sustainable business growth.


Metrics that matter

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