Futurist Tracey Follows and Florence founder Dr. Charles Armitage predict how technology could shape its future.

The Future of Healthcare Report

Download the Future of Healthcare Report

A futurist, a tech founder and 100 NHS workers predict 75 years into the future of the NHS

Report findings include:
  • 95% of NHS workers believe that robots will become part of their day-to-day lives by 2035; one in five think robots could be a reality by as soon as 2030.
  • Seven in ten (71%) NHS workers believe that AI, if correctly used, could help significantly reduce patient waiting times.
  • Almost half of healthcare workers (46%) expect doctors to be extinct by 2098.
  • 27% of NHS workers expect the use of wearable patient healthcare trackers to be a main NHS care advancement in the next five years

NHS Future of Healthcare Report

This report showcases predictions for tech advances the NHS could see in the next five, 25 and 75 years, made in collaboration between futurist Tracey Follows and Dr. Charles Armitage - a former NHS doctor and Florence's founder.

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