A neutral
vendor made
for healthcare

Book 100% compliant staff from multiple agencies in one place.
No-stress neutral vendor and agency management tools to save money, time and improve quality.

Safe staffing, without the struggle

99% fill rate
300+ agencies
100% compliant

100% compliant staff

Unlike other healthcare neutral vendors or agency management tools, Florence lets you control the candidates you see (and will only ever show you qualified, legal and experienced ones).

Our compliance team checks key evidence submitted by candidates, meaning that only trusted professionals will be booked into your homes. If someone’s credentials expire, they’ll be blocked.

Continuity of care? No problem

Another exclusive: invite your favourite temp staff back to work for you, time and time again. Simply add them to your ‘favourites’ in a click, and we’ll automatically invite them whenever you post a shift that fits their skills. The best temp staff build strong relationships with your service users and permanent staff – it’s a win-win for continuity of care.

Stop scrambling, start saving

Booking agencies in one place helps you save money, even on last-minute shifts. Compare prices at-a-glance and stay on top of your spend for urgent shifts. Timesheets and invoicing are all handled within the platform, so you never need to worry about agency invoices again.

Easy shift-filling, forever

Choose from 300+ agencies, or add your own. Want to fill shifts with your permanent staff first? Send invites instantly via SMS. Everybody wins: our tech-lead process cuts agencies’ time spent on manual compliance checks.

Built by care staffing experts

In six years, we’ve filled over one million shifts across social care and the NHS. That makes us leading specialists in healthcare staffing tech. A safe pair of hands, whenever you need us.

Compare services

Choose between our agency manager portal or a complete neutral vendor solution.



Agency Manager Portal
Full Neutral Vendor Solution

See and manage all your vacant shifts in one portal

Cover vacant shifts with internal staff before sending to agency (optional module)

Tiering - Set rules for which agency get the shifts in what order

Continuity - Invite specific agency workers if you have favourites


We build your panel of agencies with you to ensure you get continuty

Access other pre-vetted agencies we have to enhance your supply options

Basic compliance - agencies provide profiles. Agencies audited annually by us

Advanced compliance - real time compliance vetting ensures only fully compliant candidates can be prosposed

Consolidated contracts and terms of engagment with agencies

Agencies audited annually

 and billing

In platform timesheet capture

Pricing and charge rates in platform

Invoice generation with all backing data

Capture off panel spend for reporting or billing


Basic Reporting overview

Full suite of bespoke reporting showing usage, agency performance and cost

Costs & Support

Dedicated account manager (and back up) and 247 customer support

Set up or on going fees


Booking shifts with your own staff (optional module)

10p per hour
10p per hour

Booking agency workers and any timesheets or billing

25p per hour
50p per hour

Cost to agencies


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Got questions?

We’ve got answers

Got a question? Head over to our Help Centre to see if we’ve already answered it. It’s usually the fastest way to get the information you need.

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How much does Florence neutral vendor cost?

There is no added charge to book temp staff from Florence into shifts through neutral vendor.

Booking staff from non-Florence agencies into shifts costs 50p per hour plus VAT.

Booking your own staff into shifts costs 25p per hour.

There are no other fees.

What is Florence neutral vendor’s VAT status?

We follow HRMC’s guidelines.

Our fees when you book an agency worker or your own staff are VATable.

When you book an agency worker, HMRC nursing concession will apply.

Each case is different, but in most cases, nurses do not attract VAT, and neither do some carer roles.

What is a neutral vendor?

A neutral vendor service allows us, as the neutral vendor, to act as your agent so that you can book agency staff from a selection of agencies under a standard set of favourable pricing, terms and conditions.

Our neutral vendor service provides a fair process, allowing agencies to be tiered and compete equally within each tier.

Using us, you can book temp staff best suited to your shifts from various agencies and get a single invoice each week, saving you time and money.

Can Florence be a master vendor?

Yes – Florence can provide a master vendor service and would be delighted to discuss this further.

For care providers in the private sector, there are typically VAT disadvantages to working with a master vendor, so we would recommend a neutral vendor.

If you are in the public sector, this is less of an issue, and master vendors tend to be the favoured option.

What is better, a neutral or master vendor?

There is no simple answer. It depends on your organisation and current set up. We would be happy to discuss this further and propose what we believe is the best solution for you.

What about agency bookings that happen outside Florence neutral vendor?

While there are benefits to having all bookings go through Florence, outside bookings do occur. Florence can process the billing for these and capture the MI.

How long does implementing Florence neutral vendor take?

From signing the contract, Florence takes 2-4 weeks to implement across a mid-size care organisation.

Are the savings Florence neutral vendor offers ‘real’?

The short answer is yes.

You’ll get an individual spend analysis to let you know what savings you can expect to make. If you won’t make savings with Florence, we will also let you know.

It important to also consider the indirect costs of the processing and managing multiple agency relationships when considering savings.

How many agencies do you work with?

We work with over 300 agencies across the UK. We are happy to add other agencies to Florence if they pass our compliance standards. If you have a favourite agency not on our panel, we would be delighted to add them.

What fill rates does Florence neutral vendor achieve?

Typically, 99%.

Unfortunately, there will always be some shifts we can’t fill. At Florence, we don’t like to make empty promises, so we will never say 100%.

We will give your company an individualised, accurate forecast based on your previous and expected future usage.

What roles does Florence neutral vendor cover?

We cover all roles that a care provider may need. We primarily cover front-line care roles, including nurses, carers, and support workers, but we also provide catering, cleaning, driving, maintenance and administrator roles.

Can I add my local agency?

Yes, you can if they pass Florence’s compliance standards. If they do not meet our standards we will discuss this with you and decide on the next steps.

How can Florence be a neutral vendor when Florence also offers staffing?

Our neutral vendor offering is a separate company from our staffing company. We let our customers decide whether to add Florence’s staffing business to their panel. There is no obligation to do this.

If you choose to add Florence to your panel, it is treated as every other agency in that tier. Florence will receive the shifts at the same time and get no preferential treatment.

Our system uses rule-based algorithms to match staff to your shifts, which you control. Simply put, our system keeps it fair and neutral.

What customer support does Florence neutral vendor provide?

Companies using Florence’s neutral vendor solution each have a dedicated and backup account manager for ongoing support and training.

Your account manager and broader team are here to help you through any issues, 24/7.

What happens if an agency cancels a shift or I have an issue?

When a shift is cancelled you will be notified and Florence will automatically attempt to find you a replacement.

You can also remove agencies from your selection at will.

What other sectors do you provide services to?

We only provide technology and staffing services to health and social care providers. Unlike many other neutral vendors, care is not an afterthought or add-on. We only do care. So, our entire operation is built with that in mind.

Why should I use a neutral vendor or agency management solution?

Almost every home will engage with multiple agencies. Each agency is unique, so you will be managing different contracts, pricing and payment terms and approaches to compliance.

Managing this takes time, costs money and, in some cases, can add risk.

A neutral vendor can take this off you and simplify everything, freeing you up to do other higher-value tasks.

Why should I use Florence neutral vendor?

At Florence, we are guided by our customers’ needs and powered by technology’s potential. Unlike others, we strive for simplicity, innovation and always, integrity:

– We only work in the care sector – making us experts who truly understand you. From understanding care roles and needs to VAT rules.
– When introducing a new solution, ease of use needs to be a top priority; our solutions are award-winning, with 91% of users rating Florence as “easy to use”.
– Transparency is at the heart of what we do – even with pricing.
– Our customer support team is UK-based – meaning we can come and see you face to face and are always in your timezone.

What does it mean when neutral vendors offer me a share of savings?

Some neutral vendors look at your invoices and then offer to take a share of the savings. You only should pay a fair and transparent fee for the service, and any savings should be yours.

Should I use a procurement consultant to help me decide on the best solution?

Many of our customers tell us they are often approached by consultants to help them select the best provider. If you are looking to keep an eye on costs, we recommend doing this work research & comparison in-house.

However, if you do decide to use a consultant, we recommend carefully reviewing the terms of service, including best rates, contractual obligations and most importantly agreeing a fixed rate.

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