Work your maximum visa hours as a Skilled Worker or Student with Florence

If you’re booking shifts with our app and you have a Skilled Worker (Tier 2 General) or Student (Tier 4 Student) visa – we have good news!

You can now work your maximum number of visa hours every week with Florence.

Before, you were only able to work one shift with us – now you can work several to maximise your earnings and experience.

How does it work?

If your visa allows you to work 20 hours per week – for example – you’ll now be able to work shifts that cover all 20 of those hours.

This might equal working one eight-hour and one 12-hour shift.

You can apply for as many shifts as you like, as only the shifts you’re accepted onto will count towards your weekly limit.

If you’re on a Student visa, your working hours won’t be limited during your holiday time.

How your visa hours are tracked in the Florence app
Your visa hours tracked in the Florence app

How do I know my hours left per week?

You’ll see how many hours you have left each week in a message on your app homescreen.

It will update in real time, so you can keep track.

What happens if I work over my hours limit?

You won’t be able to submit timesheets that take you over your weekly working hours.

It’s important to remember, it’s always your responsibility to make sure you’re working within your individual visa restrictions.

For more help and info on working with a Skilled Worker or Student visa with Florence, go here.

Florence can help you find flexible shifts, take essential training courses and improve your work-life balance. Find out more and sign up today.

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