Pay rates and how payment works with Florence

We believe you should be well compensated as a nurse or care assistant using our app.

Here’s everything you need to know about pay rates on Florence, how payment works, and what’s included in your pay.

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How rates work on Florence

Care homes and NHS trusts set their own rates for shifts on Florence.

Because of this, our rates are variable and change depending on where the care home or trust is based, and the skills they need.

If you’re a care professional living in Birmingham, for example, your rates may look different to what your care professional friend in Liverpool might see.

The shift’s rate is shown before you book, and the pay you see is what you take home.

Florence pay rates

Rates on Florence for nurses, care assistants and support workers vary because they’re set by the organisations we work with. We recommend registering with us to get a better picture of rates in your area.

Get the app now to start registration, and if there are shifts nearby we’ll send you a free notification telling you the highest rate you can get near you.

When do I get paid with Florence?

You’re paid weekly on Thursdays. View your shifts worked, submit timesheets and track all payments in the app, anytime.

Want money in your pocket quicker? Hit ‘Instant Pay’ on any shift to get paid before payday, as soon as your timesheet is approved.

What’s in my Florence payslip?

You are paid via PAYE, and will get a payslip by email on Thursdays.

In your payslip, you will see itemised:

  1. Your pay for any shifts
  2. Your tax deducted
  3. Pension contributions (once you’ve worked with us for three months)
  4. Any referral bonuses from our referral scheme
  5. Any DBS/ PVG reimbursements

What about holiday pay?

Holiday pay is factored into your pay rate, and isn’t itemised in your payslip.

For more detailed information about your payslip and getting paid, visit our help centre here.

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