What's the story behind our fresh new look?

New look, same Florence

Florence new look

You’ll notice we look a little different, and that’s because we are!


The story so far…

After working in the NHS and social care, Dr. Charles Armitage and Dan Blake founded Florence in 2016 to take the chaos out of care staffing.

Charles was a locum doctor in the NHS and experienced the staffing crisis at hospitals daily. He saw how inefficient agencies were at filling shifts with the right people, as he was hounded with calls to go to different places every day while his agency still failed to approve timesheets or issue wages.

He teamed up with Dan, a former British Army officer who then chaired a housing association caring for older people, to create Florence: an app that directly connects care providers with staff; built on being simple, transparent and hassle-free for everyone.

Back then, our big innovation was to connect temp staff directly with open shifts, cutting out agency middlemen.

1 million shifts filled later, we’ve changed the industry for good. 

Our next innovation – Auto-fill – connected care provider’s permanent staff to those open shifts as well.

And today we’re pleased to service the care industry with our biggest innovation yet – Agency Manager. We don’t just connect you with your own staff and Florence temps, we connect you to hundreds of other agencies too – all on one platform. 

We’ve taken the innovations and insights we’ve gained from working with 1000s of care agencies and applied them to multi-agency management. So now working with more than one agency is smoother and easier than ever. 

Our commitment to making care better has taken us beyond our borders, expanding our shift-filling, cost-saving technology to France and Canada.

This growth journey has brought us to a pivotal moment – a brand new look that honours our roots while looking forward to the future.

Welcome to Florence: making care better

Our new design isn’t just a change in appearance but a reflection of our core values, and on-going evolution. 

Explore our redesigned site and discover

  • Temp staffing tailored to social care, NHS trusts, and social care – making it simpler than ever to find the staff for your needs.
  • Agency Manager, a one-stop platform to manage all your agency relationships effortlessly.
  • Florence Academyhealthcare staff training and compliance, designed to keep you and your teams ahead.

Dr Charles Armitage, CEO of Florence comments:

“Since our initial breakthrough in 2016, Florence has been on a path of continuous growth and innovation. We remain committed to evolving our services, products, and the building on our core values that define our brand, always guided by the feedback from our customers.

‘Today, we stand exceptionally proud of what we’ve achieved and are filled with anticipation for what’s next.

‘As we embark on this exhilarating new chapter, we’re equipped and ready to leverage our passionate team, cutting-edge technology, and deep commitment to excellence, aiming to set even higher standards in health and social care”.

Our visual transformation has been guided by three core values

  • Innovation: Harnessing technology to address real-world challenges in care
  • Simplicity: Cutting through complexity to make everything we do straightforward and effective, so you can focus on what matters most—caring.
  • Integrity: Putting our customers first, always. No games, no hidden agendas—just transparent, honest service.


Shanice Daeche, CMO, says:

“Our brand refresh is more than a new look—it’s a declaration of our ongoing commitment to the care sector. It reflects our continuous pursuit of excellence and our dedication to being a partner you can trust.

‘We’re not just changing for the sake of it; we’re evolving to better serve you, with a blend of innovation, simplicity, and integrity that stands out in a crowded space.”

Experience the new Florence for yourself at florence.co.uk and see how we’re setting a new standard in healthcare staffing and training.



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