5 myths busted about agency nurses

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In the ever-evolving landscape of care, agency nurses are indispensable, bridging critical staffing gaps and making sure people get the care they need.

Yet, despite your vital role, you’ll likely come across some sadly ingrained misconceptions about you as an agency nurse. 

Let’s explore these myths and uncover the truth about agency nursing.

Myth 1: Agency nurses are less competent or experienced than permanent nurses

Fact: Contrary to popular belief, agency nurses are highly skilled professionals with extensive clinical experience. Many have undergone rigorous training and possess a wealth of knowledge gained from working across various healthcare settings. The flexibility of agency work allows them to broaden their skill set and adapt quickly to new environments.

At Florence, we prioritise experienced nurses, ensuring a minimum amount of post-registration experience before joining our platform. This ensures that our nurses bring a high level of expertise and competence to every shift.

Myth 2: Agency nurses are unreliable or move about too much

Fact: While agency nurses have the flexibility to choose their shifts, this does not diminish their reliability or commitment to delivering high-quality care. In fact, agency nurses often demonstrate remarkable adaptability, seamlessly integrating into new environments and providing excellent care to those in need.

Additionally, many Florence nurses opt for block bookings in settings with long-term staffing gaps, providing stability and continuity of care to patients.

Myth 3: Agency nurses are only motivated by hourly rates.

Fact: While financial considerations may play a role, it’s unfair to overlook the altruistic motives driving many agency nurses. These dedicated professionals step in during critical staffing shortages, often at short notice and in challenging circumstances, driven by their passion to make a positive difference in patients’ lives.

Moreover, the agency hourly rate reflects the lack of benefits such as holiday pay and other perks that permanent nurses may receive, compensating for the absence of these benefits.

Myth 4: Agency nurses lack support

Fact: While agency nurses may not have a traditional line manager or HR department, they receive robust support from agencies like Florence. Our platform offers various benefits and support mechanisms to ensure that nurses feel valued and supported in their roles.

Myth 5: Agency nurses exacerbate staffing shortages

Fact: Staffing shortages stem from a myriad of factors beyond agency nursing, including budget constraints and recruitment challenges. Agency nurses provide vital support during periods of high demand, ensuring that patients receive the care they need without compromising safety or quality.

It’s time to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of agency nurses and challenge the stigma they face. Let’s celebrate the diversity, flexibility, and expertise they bring to the profession, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all nurses.

To learn more about joining Florence, go here.

Together, let’s redefine the narrative surrounding agency nursing and champion the indispensable role our agency professionals play in care.

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