Join an agency or Florence? Why we’re better for nurses and carers.

Nurses and care workers often ask us, what makes Florence different from a nursing agency?

We say – everything! You’re in control of your shifts with our app.

Here, we’ll break down why we’re better for finding flexible shifts than any agency (in our humble opinion).

Florence vs. agency: 7 ways Florence is better for you

1. You earn competitive rates

Our rates are competitive, with your take-home hourly pay clearly shown before you book a shift.

You’ll only ever pick shifts with a rate you’re happy with, and there are no surprises when you get paid – what you see is what you get.

2. You get paid instantly

No waiting until payday – switch on Instant Pay to get paid for shifts as soon as your timesheet is approved. It’s money in your pocket faster, whenever you choose.

Find out more about how Instant Pay works.

3. You book shifts in seconds

As well as getting paid instantly, you can book shifts in lighting time, too.

No waiting or back-and-forth with your agency – open the app, see shifts nearby and book yourself in on the spot, with immediate confirmation.

4. Fast timesheets, no signatures

You never chase signatures after a shift with us – instead, you submit your timesheet with one tap in the app and avoid the stress completely.

From here, you can track your pay until it lands in your account.

If you use Instant Pay, this will be as soon as your timesheet is approved – or, you can choose to get paid reliably every Thursday.

5. You’ll never miss a shift

Choosing an app instead of an agency has another advantage – you can get notified straight away when shifts are available at homes you like. No more calls hassling you about a shift you don’t want – you’re in control.

Or, you can open the app any time to see your personalised ‘recommended shifts’ list and pick up the best-matched shifts for you.

Book the right shifts, whenever you need.

6. Get a £100 bonus each for every friend you refer

Sharing the love pays off too – when you invite your friends to Florence, you’ll get £100 each once they sign up and work a shift.

Better yet, there’s no reward limit: you can invite as many friends as you like! It’s our way of saying thank you for all that you do.

Find out more about referral bonuses.

7. Register fast, earn faster

You can register free with Florence entirely from your phone, at home, with no need to visit our office or pay for any training (all our required training – like First Aid – is actually free on Florence Academy).

Quicker registration has you ready to book shifts in a third of the time vs. traditional agencies, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

See what you need to register with us.

Think you’d prefer all of the above to phone calls, chasing signatures and being pushed to do shifts you don’t want? It’s time to join Florence.

Register now to start working flexibly, forever: get the free app here

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