Get paid immediately with Instant Pay on Florence

We’re here to help you take control – so now, you can get paid for shifts instantly, as soon as your timesheet has been approved.

Get money in your pocket quicker with Instant Pay, available for Florence nurses, carers and support workers in our free app.

How do I use Instant Pay?

There are two ways, both as easy as 1-2-3…

1. Add Instant Pay to any approved timesheet

How to do it:

1. Get the Florence app here, open it and sign in.

2. Go to Timesheets, then Payments

3. Tap any approved timesheet and hit the ‘Enable Instant Pay’ button.

Watch the video to see how to use Instant Pay this way:

2. Check out of a shift and add Instant Pay

How to do it:

1. Turn on app notifications

2. Book a shift and travel to your shift as normal

3. Tap ‘Check in’ and ‘Check out’ when your phone notifies you

4. Follow the in-app instructions to successfully check in/out and get instant timesheet approval

5. After checking out, tap ‘enable Instant Pay’

Watch the video to see how to use Instant Pay this way:

How does Instant Pay work?

Once you select ‘Enable Instant Pay’ for an approved timesheet, you’ll get two payments.

Payment 1: 60% of your pay, received immediately.

Payment 2: your remaining pay minus tax, received on Thursdays before 6pm.

We charge £1 per use of Instant Pay.

Why are there two payments?

So you can get your money super-fast, before tax is deducted.

Your tax is worked out and taken from the remaining 40% of your pay we don’t send to you straight away.

You’ll receive any final pay left over from this tax deduction on Thursdays, before 6pm.

Do I need to use Instant Pay?

No! Only enable Instant Pay for the shifts you want paid immediately.

If you’d rather wait for your pay on Thursday payday, then simply submit timesheets as normal and don’t enable Instant Pay.

Is there any time I can’t use Instant Pay?

If you don’t enable Instant Pay on your approved timesheet before 3pm on Wednesdays, you won’t receive Instant Pay.

Instead, you’ll be paid the next day on Thursday before 6pm, as normal.

Here to help

If you have any more questions about Instant Pay (or anything else!), please get in touch – we’re happy to help.

Hit the chat button in the bottom right of your screen, email us on, or call 020 3911 2555.

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