Meet Florence Star Award winner Nomazulu [Feb ’23]

For this month’s Florence Star Award, we’re celebrating Nomazulu, an experienced nurse who goes out of her way to bring joy whenever she’s on shift.

A heart of gold

Solid teamwork is everything in a care setting. When healthcare professionals work well together, patient outcomes and staff morale both improve.

Sometimes, just one person with a positive attitude can turn a challenging day around and make everyone feel better – someone like Nomazulu, for instance.

Described by her account manager as an “absolute star”, Nomazulu has worked with Florence for several years, and care homes love her. Managers at two of her regular locations say she’s a team player who’s always willing to lend a helping hand and support her colleagues in any way possible

When we called Nomazulu to thank her for being such a great team member, she simply said, “I’m just doing my job – and it’s a job I love”.

We love hearing stories like this, and we’re really grateful to Nomazulu for her enthusiasm, work ethic and dedication.

Nomazulu’s journey into nursing

Since becoming a registered nurse 25 years ago, Nomazulu has worked in three different countries, and has cared for children with learning and physical disabilities in private hospitals and general wards.

Nomazulu’s previous role as a case manager for chronic high-risk conditions at an insurance company gave her insight into the challenges chronically ill people face on a daily basis.

One of Nomazulu’s greatest strengths is her ability to connect with people. Kind and compassionate, she listens to residents to make sure they feel seen and heard – and she often goes above and beyond to ensure they receive the best possible care.

“My favourite part of being a nurse is connecting with people and making a positive difference in their lives,” she says.

Working with Florence

“Joining Florence has made my family life easier”, says Nomazulu, “because I’m able to choose when and where I want to work.”

Nomzulu also likes taking CPD-accredited courses on Florence Academy because she can save time and money by learning at her own pace, online.

“If you get the opportunity to work with Florence, do it”, she says. “You’ll be in control of your shifts, and you can choose a pay rate you’re happy with.”

A testament to care

Teamwork makes the dream work – especially when the going gets tough. Nomazulu, you’re an asset to Florence, and we hope you enjoy your gift basket and grocery voucher.

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