Florence joins the Care Workers’ Charity £500 Challenge

We’re proud to announce Florence has joined the Care Workers’ Charity £500 Challenge as a founding member.

This challenge asks adult social care organisations to commit to donating £500 per year to help care workers in financial hardship.

Why the £500 Challenge is so needed…

Social care is experiencing a workforce crisis, and it is important now more than ever to recognise the value and contribution of care workers across the UK.

We’re taking part to make sure care workers have a helping hand during these difficult times.

The Care Workers’ Charity has made over 6000 grants to care workers since 2020, and is seeing higher demand than ever from those needing help.

If one in ten organisations providing and organising care in the UK accepted the £500 Challenge, they could raise £2.5 million per year to support care workers.

How to join the £500 Challenge

Go to the £500 Challenge donation page now to give what you can.

We urge adult social care organisations to accept this challenge and show that they really care about supporting the people who make up our essential workforce.

It’s our responsibility to make sure care workers are supported to stay in their jobs and have a place to go in times of crisis.

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