How to help your healthcare team take a break this Labour Day weekend

Burnout has become more than a buzzword in health care. Healthcare professionals are struggling to keep up with increasing demands, and nurses in particular are feeling the pressure.

With the Labour Day long weekend approaching, here’s how to help your team take a break and avoid burnout.

Healthcare staff burnout is growing

In 2021, 75.3% of nurses surveyed by the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario said they were burnt out.

This trend continued in 2022, with 79% of nurses in Ontario admitting to having experienced a breaking point related to their job (Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario – WeRPN).

Burnout shows up in multiple ways in healthcare workplaces, leading to patient complaints and medical errors. Nurses and PSWs can present as:

  • Emotionally exhausted
  • Negative or cynical in their interactions with patients and colleagues
  • Having a decreasing sense of competence and efficacy.

Workloads are increasing, as staff shortages are leading to care professionals taking on additional shifts and overtime. 84% of Ontario nurses reported this was happening in their workplaces last year.

Knowing how best to support your nurses, PSWs and other care staff is the key to minimizing burnout and helping residents and patients get the care they need.

The problem: you need to stay fully staffed

Right now, you may be facing the difficult task of managing staff time off, especially coming out of the summer period when there are more requests for vacation time.

To maintain good staffing levels, you might be asking already burnt-out staff to take on additional shifts and work longer hours over Labour Day weekend.

Giving staff more hours on top of their regular schedule can contribute to increasing burnout. In order to work at their highest level, nurses and PSWs need more, not less time off to restore their energy and capacity.

This exhausting cycle maintains a culture of burnout and leaves healthcare professionals in a state of chronic stress.

The solution: get cover in seconds with Florence

Florence helps in times like these.

Tap into our network of over 5,000 nurses, personal support workers and dietary aides to get shift cover at short notice and give your team a much-deserved break.

  • In a few taps, add your open shifts to the Florence app
  • Watch as fully-vetted and qualified staff in your area apply.
  • Accept the person best suited to the shift.
  • Invite favourites back again and again to help support continuity of care.

You’ll build up a list of trusted Florence professionals who can cover shifts and support your team in the long term.

Find out more

Imagine running your healthcare team without burnout: nobody works unsustainable hours, you never worry about last minute schedule changes, and unexpected time-off is easily accommodated.

With Florence, you can. And you can take the first step in time for the long weekend.

Find out more, or book a no-obligation call with our friendly team here.

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