More feedback power to you

How Florence’s new shift ratings work

Rating shifts on Florence has changed to give care professionals more feedback power.

Here, we’ll explain what’s new, and what’s staying the same with Florence shift ratings.

How it works

When you’re asked to rate your shift after submitting a timesheet, you’ll now give a thumbs up or thumbs down instead of a star rating.

Florence's new ratings system shown in the app
New shift ratings: now live in the app.

From there, you’ll have options to tell us why you rated the shift that way.

Tap the options that best fit your experience, or choose ‘something else’ to tell us more in your own words.

We won’t share what you say directly with the location.

Why ratings have changed

To make giving feedback clearer for everyone using Florence.

For example, in the past, some people used three stars to report bad experiences – while others used three stars and gave praise.

We think a thumbs up or down, followed by feedback options, is more straightforward.

Because of this, the new ratings help us support you better.

They give richer info on how things are going with you and providers, and we’re able to act on any issues faster.

Your questions: new ratings

Will care organizations still rate my shift?

Yes, organizations will rate your shift using the new way too – with a thumbs up or down, and then giving further feedback.

Will there still be star ratings in Florence?

Yes, we’ll continue to show a star rating for both professionals and care organizations in the app, based on the feedback given.

What happens to existing star ratings?

They’ll remain the same, and are viewable in the same places in the app. No changes!


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